While the 'Help' icon on our CareLogic site is more broad, this page is composed of the FAQs that are being raised by CCS staff in conversation. Feel free to leave new FAQs with Dr. Fox or in one of the agency's Suggestion Boxes. If it comes up a few times, you may find it in FAQ@CCS!

Q: Where do I find "X" (almost any document that will have a client's name on it)?

A1: Go to the ECR of the client (for whom you are completing the document) by using the Search bar near the icon menu. Next hover over Caseload > Clinical Record. There you will see many items that can be completed for your client's case (e.g., Releases of Information, Consent, Revocation of Consent, Treatment Plans, Treatment Diagnosis).

A2: If you need to look at an existing Progress Note or Diagnostic Assessment/Update, go to the client's ECR, then hover over Caseload and scroll down the list until you find what you need.

Q: How do I create a Progress Note / Diagnostic / Consultation Note?

A: The best and easiest way to create a document that reflects a billed service is through the schedule. When a person is scheduled with you for an "activity" (a billable service), the box next to their name shows the service (Individual Counseling, etc.). Once you mark the Status as "In Session", the box after Status will say "No - Add". Click on that, and CareLogic will bring the needed document to you! Complete each portion/page, click "Submit" when you're done with each portion/page, then e-sign at the end of the last portion/page using your personal code. (The schedule line should then read: "In Session - Yes - Signed") -- Mark the Status as "Kept" and put in the correct start/stop times for the activity/service you provided (once the time is Submitted as Kept, it is locked in, but until you sign a document, the document can be edited).

Q: What do I do if I need help or think I messed up in CareLogic and no one is around to consult with at the moment?

A: Send a "Task" to Dr. Fox to let him know what happened and/or what you'd like him to take a look at. He will let you know when is resolved. To Task: Go to your Dashboard, click the "+" tab, and fill out the required information. This is better than a note or post-it in a physical mailbox because it keeps track and can't get misplaced! :)