Here's just a small sampling of the projects we've worked with our community partners on recently...


parenting in today's world

Parenting in today's world can be extremely challenging. The goal of Parenting in Today's World is to develop an understanding of yourself as a parent, learn new skills, while enhancing your ability to implement consequences. You will have the opportunity to learn from other parents just like you, in a structured and positive/encouraging setting. Each group will meet over the course of four consecutive weeks, for 90 minutes each session.

'Parenting in Today's World' is offered as follows:

MONDAYS (5:30pm-7:30pm): Led by Aloys Kamwithi, LPC; Classes with Aloys will begin in October and will be held the first four Mondays of the month.

FRIDAYS (10:00am-11:30am): Led by Kelly Conn, LISW-S; Classes with Kelly will begin on September 4th and be held each of the next four Fridays.

  • ALL parenting classes are FREE of charge! (Thanks to the ADAMH Board of Crawford-Marion Counties)

  • Referrals can come from anywhere/anyone

  • You must attend all four classes to get a certificate of completion


Signs of suicide (S.O.S.)

The SOS Program is part of a nationwide effort to decrease the risk of suicide among America's school-age youth. In partnership with local schools, trained clinical staff provide education to students in middle and high school grades about the signs of depression and suicide risk, as well as a clear method students can use to respond when they are concerned that a friend may be struggling.

The acronym A.C.T. encourages students to Acknowledge their friend is struggling, express Care, and then Tell a trusted adult - so that the friend can be further assessed/monitored for safety. The SOS Team then returns to the school another day to provide a brief depression/suicide screening questionnaire to students (who have obtained written consent from their parent/guardian and want to participate). 


high fidelity wrap-around (hfwa)

The HFWA team provides intensive coordination services to youth. Unlike traditional services, HFWA facilitators often work with youth and families in their home. In addition, the HFWA facilitator leads a team of professionals and support people for each youth in periodic meetings to help them remain focused as a group on the unique goals identified with the family.


Creatures of character

In conjunction with the Bucyrus YMCA, CCS is proud to provide brief educational groups for children to reinforce the types of character qualities families are promoting at home: being a good friend, telling the truth, etc. Using animal puppet characters and their fun stories, CCS staff engage children on important issues in a style that fits their world and holds their attention.



At the request of the principal of any of the Crawford County schools, or pastor of any local church, a diverse team of community professionals, made up of men and women from the educational, mental health, law enforcement, and religious fields are available to respond to severe crisis impacting local youth. For example, the unexpected death of a teacher or fellow student can significantly impact an entire school (students, faculty, and staff). The YCRT is available to walk with school personnel to assist their students and staff to process such a sudden loss and connect them with ongoing support resources if needed.



According to new federal guidelines, all schools must have a Threat Assessment Plan and Team (TAT) trained and ready to respond to assess and manage potential threats of violence toward their school (property, personnel, or students). In order to more efficiently and effectively identify potential threatening persons, assess the relative probability of a threat being carried out, and devising and implementing a plan of response to reduce the likelihood of violence and/or mitigate the impact of violence that has been or is being carried out. Many effective TATs are comprised of educators, administration, law enforcement, mental health, and other first responders.


jail-based treatment program

Several days each week, CCS has dedicated staff go to the local jail to perform intake / diagnostic assessments and provide ongoing counseling services to inmates who request it. The ability to have mental health services available to inmates prior to their release is a great benefit that is aimed at improving post-release compliance with mandated therapy/treatment orders, reduce acting out / violence during their incarceration, and ultimately reducing recidivism.


survivors' group

A weekly, time-limited, semi-open group for CCS adult female clients who are survivors of some form of trauma (e.g., physical, sexual, or psychological abuse) is periodically held at CCS and is led by one of our highly qualified female therapists. Focused topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to, education about the nature and effects of trauma on day-to-day life as well as practical coping strategies to improve daily functioning and reduce such symptoms as trouble sleeping and intrusive thoughts.


school / trauma consultation services

School Consultations: Any local school may request professional mental health related training and/or consultation and CCSI will work to find the right staff member(s) for the job. ODE requires school personnel to have continuing professional education in current mental health issues (e.g., ADHD, behavior management, depression/anxiety, suicide prevention, human trafficking, non-suicidal self-injury) and CCSI has seasoned staff with a wide variety of clinical and educational experience ready to assist.

Trauma Consultations: CCSI staff are also available to provide consultation to local colleagues, businesses, and schools to assist in education regarding various forms of trauma and reduction of its potential impact/effects on persons/entities being served.


school-based therapy services

CCS currently has at least one licensed professional providing counseling services in each of the Crawford County school systems. This greatly helps students whose families may otherwise have difficulty accessing services at one of our office locations. It also helps to minimize disruption to the students' educational process by providing services during school hours rather than children missing hours or an entire day of classes to attend appointments in an office setting. As a side benefit, schools have consistently reported reductions in suspensions, expulsions, and disciplinary problems after implementing in-school therapists.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the above programs,
please contact us at 419-562-2000